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Which world are you living in?


I wrote upon the paper and I road upon the lands
I rewrote the fire that drew up the plans
And the source code was empty of all of the new commands
Because the witness held the fire in both of her sure hands

There’s no recourse for the envy if you want to just pretend
There’s no fire in the substance when all of this just ends
There are tires and pliers in jokes that are in the stands
There’s a long-distance fire that is burning up the plans

I’ve got recourse and envy in each of my sure hands
I’ve got ten tons of witness for all of this pretend
You can’t live on pure junk juice throughout the long weekends
Cuz the fire just grows higher when we live in just pretend

The witness is for higher and the jokes are on command
Like the embassy fires that burn in the highlands
You can witness tightening pliers as they tighten up your hands
Your recourse for higher is not an all good plan

Sell all your substance and sell both of your hands
Sell the great refugee until this world will end
I’ll write up a new song to sing it on weekends
I’ll kill all the substance and then we’ll just pretend

Cuz the fire has grown higher than anyone had planned
And this gross misdirection is so we can pretend
That my witness, your substance, is made out of skin
To grow higher than the fire that burns on the weekends

This junk juice is for liars and nothing that I miss
I rewrote the source code to let it all pretend
I long for the new time wonder and begin
To grow higher with the fire and the new found substances

For the liars who are higher than all the best of friends
The witness I fire will now meet the end
Of refugee substance with junk juice just for friends
Can you witness my new lyre as it sings in misty mist?

Your refugee is for higher singing songs about the end
Don’t relapse on my heart strings and government weekends
Don’t pander to the lyres when my song begins again
I’ll start up a new song to create a brand-new end

I’ll consecrate a new world with some junk juice from a friend
I’ll designate a fire to burn up it again
Let’s relegate the lyres to play it from begin
They’ll play their junk for higher and then we’ll just pretend


from Boy Scout Bubblegum, released February 7, 2021
Christopher Campbell: Beats & Electronic Manipulations
Mint Machete: Guitar
Björ6n Oranj: Lyrics & Vocals


all rights reserved



This Isn't Just a Cult Minneapolis, Minnesota

A part-time cabal. A fusion of assemblage art, hurly-burly, bedlam, disquiet and poetry. Indie music, art, writing and treasure.




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